USATE: Dashing through the snow

Scenic ParsippanyOne bit of February USATE chess tourney preparation that mustn’t be overlooked: Weatherization.

It’s a 4-hour drive from my suburban Massachusetts enclave to Parsippany NJ, so I’m having my car’s oil changed today.

In 2003, a major snow storm blasted Parsippany on the morning of the third day – so much snow that a state of emergency was declared, making it illegal for us to cross the state highway between my hotel and the tourney site. We crossed anyway. If I was going to be stuck New Jersey for an extra day, I was darn well going to spend it playing chess. Then my car was entombed in the Hilton parking lot. So USATE preparation also includes a snow shovel, a heavyduty ice scraper, some ice melt, blankets, jumper cables, flashlight.

Oh. Must remember to pick traveling music for this year. Might download some new album off iTunes. Might go back to old Radiohead. Any suggestions?

Addendum: I went totally 80s. Eight tunes, Duran Duran, INXS, Billy Idol, Bunnymen, U2.


13 thoughts on “USATE: Dashing through the snow

  1. I downloaded some Simple Minds last year.


    I think this year I’m going to listen to Pimsleur’s Russian I course.


  2. Unfortunately, I’ve only heard of one of the artists (White Stripes) and one of the songs (Groovy Train) on your traveling music list from last year. So I’m not sure I have a firm enough grasp on your musical tastes to make any useful suggestions. All I can tell you is that “Alive and Kicking” is the best Simple Minds song.

  3. Tim – we’re wearing black armbands to honor your memory, man. And Matt will drink a Round Four Beer for you. But there’s always next year!

    Greg – what are you into? Jazz? Country? Speed metal?

  4. Derek — Whatever I can dance to! :)

    Seriously, my favorite genre is probably what would be called classic metal, with Badlands and MSG being two of my favorite bands within the genre.

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