Goeller’s USATE preview

Some rumors, some facts, some reminiscence, some debate. It’s good.

The rumors include one about a 3-GM team. That’d be fun, getting splattered by Dzindzi even though I’m on third board!


4 thoughts on “Goeller’s USATE preview

  1. I see that Dzindzi once lost in 20 moves at the USATE, so he’s certainly beatable. Of course, the loss was to LarryC! :)

  2. Denys Will hold Izoria to a draw after being worse all game. Greg will employ some secret analysis from Vadim Martirosov, coupled with Ilya Krasik taking Eugene out the night before and getting him stinking drunk, to beat Perelshteyn. Dzindzi will lose, after falling asleep for an hour and 45 minutes, to Derek.

    So we win the match!!

    Oh yeah, I’ll lose to the 800 kid.


  3. Hey, I lasted more than 20 moves against Larry! Of course he had a rook on the 7th and extra material by move 21, but still…

    Matt – You bring a unique planning element to the team that I enjoy.

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