Final USATE 08 punch list

– Changed oil, replenished wiper fluid

– Shovel & blanket in trunk (that sounds like I’m going to kill someone Fargo-style)

– Board and set, ancient Jerger clock

– Seven opening books and two endgame books

Exercised daily and packed workout clothes

– Downloaded crappy 80s music and burned traveling CD

– Activating clean fuel diet today

– Got a full night’s sleep last night (for once)

Brushed teeth left-handed and wiggled eyes back and forth to activate neurons

Hm, I sure there’s something I’m forgetting ….

OH. Right. Forgot to study chess.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Final USATE 08 punch list

  1. My list:

    1. Completely overhaul my opening repertoire.

    2. Find my live Sam Cooke CD for the car trip.

    With any luck, I will get #2 accomplished. #1 just ain’t happening (sorry guys).

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