Official USATE 2008 team name prediction thread

So this big chess festival is unusual because you compete in four-man teams. And every team gives itself a name. And there’s a contest (voting by applause) for Best Name.

And every year a bunch of teams name themselves after 1) a current news event or 2) a current Oscar-nominated movie, typically weaving it into some lame chess pun. Tackiness and innuendo are popular.

Hence names like Dick Cheney Attack – Bird Variation (after the hunting incident), or a thousand variations on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Sicilian Dragon (hardee har) and Brokeback Mountain, and Britney Spears jokes, depending on the year.

Which means that in this year, I predict the following memes will be common:

  • Barack Checkmates Clinton (or vice versa, or Huckabee Mates Romney, or whatever)
  • Barack-Rank Mate  (I’d almost bet money somebody uses this one)
  • Something about Bobby Fischer’s Endgame or Last Move.
  • Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana puns (probably with outfits for the Best Promotional Gimmick contest)

Last year in the final round, we played a team named “I Don’t Care.” It was a chess coach and three teen students. The coach said in the week leading up to the tourney, he kept asking his teenage teammates what name they wanted to use ….


12 thoughts on “Official USATE 2008 team name prediction thread

  1. I proposed “Putin on the Blitz.”

    My all-time favorite is “Korchnoi’s Complaints.”


    P.S. I’m leaving work right now to take a train home, then leaving from there at around 4. It’s happenin’!!

  2. “Korchnoi’s Complaints” was brilliant. Way too highbrow to win a prize though.

    My favorite use of chess lingo was “I’ll Have a Benoni Saemisch and a Caissa Falkbeer”.

    My favorite team name we’ve played against was “There’s No I in Idiot”.

  3. bravo et al! Korchnois complaints, too!

    … funny, off from work–am home sick–and had a long hot back, and was adding to your post (in my head, writing the next parts: the next post about Derek, in the Proleomega Series), come to sit there, and here you are after my ‘long think’ :)

    i feel the pressure to perform commensurate with your level of human essence. dk

  4. I hope you find time to give some USATE updates this weekend

    Any crushing wins? Brilliant combinations? Any chess celebrity sightings?

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  6. Hey,
    I am on staff at the USATE and we were trying to remember past winning team names. I was wondering if you could help.
    Roger Inglis

    1. Hi Roger – I don’t think they won but three of my all-time favorites were
      “I’ll have a caissa falkbeer and a benoni saemisch” and
      “Britney Spears offers no draws” and
      “There’s no ‘I’ in idiot”

      I’ll look through my past posts and find the winners I did record. (After the tourney’s over.)

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