The three things I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern spit out

1. Durian. A weird gummy Asian fruit/melon thing that apparently smells like feet.*

2. The 14-day rotten tofu at the House of Unique Stink.

3. Fried mullet roe in Florida. (Actually I’m not completely sure he spit it out but his reaction was the equivalent.)

What have I missed?

* Incidentally Wikipedia says the durian was once famously described as “a rich custard highly flavoured with almonds” by none other than Alfred Wallace, he of the famous Wallace Line. See how it’s all coming together? Do ya? Do ya?


7 thoughts on “The three things I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern spit out

  1. Durian! Even among my Asian friends, most wrinkle their nose it, but an acquaintance LOVES it. She says she will have me try it sometime.

    Durian makes an acceptable (and interesting) fruit smoothie which I’ve tried. Apparently it’s not nearly the same as the actual froot.

  2. I would say it tastes and smells more like rotten food. A durian fruit smoothie might be a better way to experiment with the food (how can anything NOT taste good when covered with/immersed in milk/sugar/fruit juice?), though I will always encourage people to try it as it is!

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