USATE 08 round one: GMs

Unlike last year, I didn’t get to play one. But they are here in force, along with the largest turnout ever (1200ish):

Yudasin, Nakamura, Christiansen, Izoria, Perelshteyn, Dzindzi, Benjamin. I’ll update that with whoever I missed. Ah – Lapshun. No Fed this year?! Strange.

Also there’s this guy here named Shmelov. Looks pretty talented. :)

Small world effect: Our first round opponent was none other than Polly’s team (she of the blog Castling Queenside). That was a pleasant surprise.


3 thoughts on “USATE 08 round one: GMs

  1. It’s still only 27 proud days since our last industrial accident! What gives?

    Since your blog is allegedly not about food and chess, does this mean we can fully expect a breakdown of Parsippany cuisine? Thanks.

  2. Ha :) I have grown fond of it.

    Oh, DK – I must humbly try to barter peace between you and Ben G. I understand there’s a dust-up over on the Boylston blog. I went to lunch with him on Saturday – you’re both good dudes. He just happens to get a kick out of dust-up :) But his original question about DG was in fact completely earnest.

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