USATE 08 round three: worst seat in the house

Board 39, that is.

As Matt noted, Khodarkovsky’s Tycoons got away from us last night. That’s a heartbreaker, particularly as Matt seemed so close to scoring against his much higher-rated opponent. (I never seemed close to scoring.) The double whammy is that at 1-1, we slipped down to Board 39, which happens to be located directly in front of the door that slams shut 4,000 times per hour during this tournament.

Boo hoo :)

As the accelerated pairings are now over, we also whipsawed down to play a team rated about 1500. The score was 2-0 us when I left for lunch. The main goal now is simply to keep winning in the interest of getting Denys some good (FIDE-rated) pairings on the final day.


4 thoughts on “USATE 08 round three: worst seat in the house

  1. I see you ended out close to where you started in round one. We played you on board 38 which was no bargain either. That’s why I immediately whipped out the trusty iPod, and played the classical music counter attack. I guess it didn’t help, but at least I was being soothed by beautiful music while getting crushed.

    It looks like we should be rejoining you in the ballroom tonight. We won our 3rd round match.

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