USATE 08 final round: Crazy-Eyes Killah

For all you Googlers looking for the final standings, try here. It hasn’t been updated yet as of this posting. I do know that two teams with perfect scores faced off in the final round, one of them being the Izoria GM lineup. (Booooo!)  UPDATE: Polly says the GMs won.

Michael Goeller’s blog has a debate over the stacked lineup. (Many people on the internet seem to have very poor debating skills. You probably noticed that before.)

The redoubtable Elizabeth Vicary has a photo gallery on the USCF site.

I’ll link to the official USCF crosstable when it’s posted.

As for Simple Minds, the big charge of this year was watching Denys play on first board. Strange chess, often over my head. In round five he DEMOLISHED a 2200 in a Slav. Then in round six he went all bug-eyed and walked his queen into a trap, trading it for a rook and four pawns. In the opening. Perhaps the weirdest material imbalance I’ve ever seen in a competitive game – and it was competitive indeed, as he was still grinding away when I gave up and started mushing the dogs for points North. The situation was that his 2250 opponent had a queen and two kingside pawns, and Denys had R, B and four queenside pawns. Greg K thinks Denys was winning. I’m not even going to hazard a guess.

The comraderie of team play is unlike anything else in chess. A blast as always. I’ll be back next year…


16 thoughts on “USATE 08 final round: Crazy-Eyes Killah

  1. Nice “Curb Your Enthusiasm” reference!

    Indeed it was a blast. I can’t wait until next year. Maybe you can stay in the new Hamton Inn next year and get a chance to party with Larry! It’s an experience…

    I didn’t take any pictures this year :( I kept meaning to, but never got my camera out of my suitcase. There all the same anyway, just a bunch of people sitting playing chess :)


  2. That line where I give up one of my pieces but take all his queenside pawns is actually a theory; obscure theory but a theory nonetheless. I was analyzing this line about three years ago and of course I couldn’t recall it over the board. I am pretty sure five pawns (not four) and a rook provided ample compensation for the queen; at least position was imbalanced enough for him to make several mistakes.
    …But at the end I let the win slip away. I fell into a very peculiar trap, where I queen one of my pawns and have a rook and bishop, but he has a perpetual check. So we ended up playing queen and pawns vs. rook, bishop and three pawns, than queen vs. rook and three pawns. Our game was one of the last to end and all my effort to grind him down were in vain. So much for my clock:)


  3. Theory. Of course!! I think I’ll do a post sometime about crazy theoretical sac lines.

    Well, too bad about the clock but I thought you played terrific chess all weekend. (Except maybe that little exchange accident in round 4… :)

  4. You were right on 3 of your 4 predictions about themes used for team names! Looking over the team names, here’s three tips for next year:

    1. Puns you CANNOT use because it’s been done too many times (unless you’re incredibly clever):

    Pawn (pwn)
    Knight (night)
    Chessnuts (chestnuts)
    Mate (punning on both checkmate and any other meaning of mate)
    Any variation on Deep Blue

    “Push Us And We’ll Topalover” was good, however.

    2. You CANNOT name your team “We Suggest You Resign” and have your top board a 1700.

    3. You are NOT REQUIRED to be clever or funny.

  5. Oh – our last round oppts were “The Vaganian Monologues” which I thought was quite hilarious.

    Liquid Egg Product would be perhaps the perfect USAT team name.

  6. Arguing with someone on the internet is like bing in the Special Olympics.

    You may win, but you’re still retarded.

    (Offensive, but funny.)


  7. If this blog were to give out MVP awards like in professional sports (and assuming that Derek is ineligible), L.E.P. would get my vote, hands down.

  8. Is that the same Greg K who kicked my sorry butt around during round 1?

    If you want to see lame ass internet debate join the USCF forums, and go to the issues section.

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