The sad tale of Jeffrey Hudson

subtitled: Well, that stunk

Hudson (1619–1682) was a dwarf who belonged to the court of Queen Henrietta Maria of England in the years before King Charles I was deposed. He was famous as the “Queen’s dwarf”, and “Lord Minimus”, and was considered one of the “wonders of the age” because of his extreme but well-proportioned smallness. He fought with the Royalists in the English Civil War and fled with the Queen to France when they lost in 1644. When he killed a man in a duel in an apparent attempt to move beyond his mascot role, he was expelled from her court. Soon after, he was captured by Barbary pirates, and spent 25 years as a slave in North Africa before being ransomed back to England and living out the rest of his life in poverty.

 – Excerpted from Wikipedia

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  1. Just when you start to complain about the weather you realize you’re thankful for not having to be a dwarf slave.

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