Linguistics and ska

Every ska or reggae song sounds like a near-miss to me. I want to like it, the sounds are cool, and it’s usually okay, but it never turns the corner to great.

Same experience studying linguistics. Intro to Linguistics was fun. Historical Linguistics was great. Then I declared it as my major and every course after that (phonology, semantics, etc) looked like it was going to to be great – but never was.


3 thoughts on “Linguistics and ska

  1. About that reggae appreciation… you should consider listening to Dread Zepplin. They are/were a Led Zepplin cover band back in the 90’s with a raggae bassist and an Elvis impersonator impersonator ( yes he impersonated Elvis impersonators as he claimed) called “Tort-Elvis”. Even Robert Plant was amused by this mash.

  2. This is completely hit-or-miss, but if you may want to consider trying a little soca (name derivation: soul + calypso). No particular group or artist to recommend–my parents’ tapes contained a conglomeration of songs by various artists. Unfortunately, they typically wrote the song name without noting the singer.

    Reggae has far more recognition in this country, and sadly, soca is not particularly easy to find in a typical music store.

  3. BP – I have heard of them but didn’t know about the Tort-Elvis part. It’s gotta be worth a shot :)

    Donnie – Soca is news to me. Also worth a shot. Is there a high-speed headbanging version called Death Soca?

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