Neurobic of the day: Scramble everything

“By using daily exposure and routine, your cortex and hippocampus have created a map of your desktop so that very little mental effort is required to locate your mouse, stapler, wastebasket …  Arbitrarily reposition everything.”

– from Keep Your Brain Alive

Side note: I mouse left-handed at work. Have done so for years, not for cognitive reasons but to balance the stress on my wrists.


6 thoughts on “Neurobic of the day: Scramble everything

  1. I use the archeological approach. The stuff on top is the most recent, underneath that is next, underneath that is … wait… that’s where last tuesday’s sandwhich went to.

  2. I got quite proficient with using my mouse left handed after having injuring my rotator cuff on right side. I used the mouse with my left hand for several months after the injury and surgery.

    I’ve even kept notation left handed. After the injury I was playing in a tournament, and I’d get very sore so I switch hands for awhile. Looking at my notation one could tell when I switched hands, but even with left hand it was quite legible. The biggest problem in that tournament was the side affects of the pain meds I was on. :-)

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