Lidice is a town in the modernday Czech Republic.

In 1942 the village of Lidice was erased by the Nazis. The adult men were shot and piled into a mass grave, the women and children shipped off to concentration camps, the town itself razed to the ground and salted over (according to the Czech professor of my Eastern European Communism course) to prevent anything from growing there. This was a reprisal for Operation Anthropoid, the only successful resistance assassination of a major Nazi leader.

The village was rebuilt in 1949 near the original site. There’s a monument with statues of 82 children.


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  1. reAssembler, youve gone from words, to devices, to now events. alert readers?

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    ‘In the first section entitled, “The Four Similitudes,” Foucault lays out the four “essential” “principle figures that determine the knowledge of resemblance” (page 17):

    Convenience–“a resemblance connected with space in the form of a graduated scale of proximity. It is of the same order as conjunction and adjustment” (page 18);

    Emulation–“enables things to imitate one another from one end of the universe to the other without connection or proximity: by duplicating itself in a mirror the world abolishes the distance proper to it” (page 19);

    Analogy–“it makes possible the marvellous confrontation of resemblances across space…[,and] it also speaks…of adjacencies, of bonds and joints” (page 21);

    Sympathy–“it excites the things of the world to movement and can draw even the most distant of them together. It is a principle of mobility” (page 23).

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  2. heydrich reinhard and hinrich himmler two of the worst NAzis in the world i hope they rember lidice 80 years from now when their are no more orignal holocst surviors alive 2008 plus 80 in the year 2088 hope their are remember them. Oh I just got word that ed Lafferty is in the hospital.whats his status.????

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