This is not a Top Chef Season 4 blog post

I’m way too busy. The ever-mysterious guest dubbed “Me” will do the actual post in the comments. (I hope.)

Season Four started tonight. Word on the street is that these folks can cook.

They can also swear. (Are we still teaching English in the school system or is it like all OMG and F-bombs and whatever?)

I like the secret personal ingredient lockers. Although Marmite gives me the creeps.

Having a couple on the show: Bogus.

If you pine for seasons past, see this Where Are They Now? article.

Oh. And I see that either Rocco and Bourdain have buried the hatchet (their blog skirmishes were quite entertaining last year) or the producers were hoping for fireworks.

Okay, “me”, step up to the plate. (Get it?)


12 thoughts on “This is not a Top Chef Season 4 blog post

  1. thank you and great to see you back. you know, but, i was flicking through channels and saw part of this in passing, but having already seen so many of these, didnt know if it was a repeat. great to know to watch it more closely again… i did notice Roco and Bordain, and was surprised to see the prior but not the latter, nor knew that had had a tif.

    super busy working on extensive correspondence regarding the possibility of teaching at a university in Europe but nothing concrete, yet, just conversations.

    take care, dk

  2. PS rocco never did impress me, and thought that he got way off track in his one big cameo reality show. masons must lay stone, weivers weave, glassblowers blow glass, not signing books and pr but the real work.

  3. I’m going to pretend I don’t detect any sarcasm in that comment and just say that the long comment I did write last week (that somehow never made it) made the following two points:

    I don’t know anyone from Chicago, but if I did, I doubt they would send me to Uno for pizza.

    I can’t believe these people don’t know how to make chicken piccata.

    This week…

    That Mike guy likes peaches. I hate peaches, but I like Mike.

    Have we actually had two episodes with no scallop or tuna tartare? I’m impressed with this group already! The mushrooms did look like they would be found on the floor of any zoo cage.

  4. peaches must have been in season, i think everyone had peaches in their dish. the quinoa stuffed fishy thing actually looked tasty….

  5. It always amazes me the things these “chefs” don’t know….for example—-anything deep fried needs to be eaten IMMEDIATELY after cooking. Can anyone think of any exception?

    And don’t say doughnuts–if you’ve eaten one right out of the fryer, you realize how sub-par they are when they get cold.

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