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  1. Thanks, gents. And all who’ve commented here or continued your own interesting blogs & conversations elsewhere. I do check in sporadically.

    This new website has some bugs that we are stamping out, and also some amazingly powerful features. Also I have some critical hiring to do at work. And, as it turns out, search engine optimization of a huge content well is potentially an endless, and endlessly fascinating, task. I’d like to get back to my blog and yours (and chess and wikipedia etc) but it isn’t in the cards quite yet.

    I did kinda sideways-catch the last Top Chef so there’s some sign of coming up for air. :)

  2. Derek Slater Sighted Alive

    NATICK, MA (AP) — Derek Slater, missing from the blogosphere since early March (except for a few short, unconfirmed posts) has been spotted alive and well in Natick, Mass. during a brief visit to the MetroWest Chess Club.

    Matt Phelps, a USATE teammate and frequent commenter on Slater’s blog, “Reassembler” spotted the muse in the Senior Center parking lot. “He saunters out the door, hands me the twenty bucks he owed me, says a few words, then gets in his car and leaves. I couldn’t believe it,” Phelps said. “It was like seeing a ghost.”

    Slater could not be reached for comment.

  3. I heard it on Fox News too. Of course, they claimed Slater is a “known member of the vast Left Wing conspiracy.”


  4. it would appear that you are back, and is good news.

    funny, i was just thinking literally LAST night that i needed to finish the post on you, substantially writen and saved in draft. i wrote it on my list right HERE. but, i have said this before :) new motivation.

    warmest, dk

  5. Looks great – I added it to my “must read” list (security is big at work)

    BUT – there is no (obvious) way to interact with the editors (or even see who the editors are!)

    Are you guys chicken? LOL!

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