Linguist vs. grammarian plus SEO

You’ve undoubtedly burned this post into your mind, pointing out the eternal tension between prescriptivism (“You spelled that wrong!”) and, um, promiscuity (“However you want to spell it is cool by me!”).

Toss commerical considerations into the discussion and the tension is gone – linguists win, three sets to nil. Businesses that want to sell stuff are hastening the grammarians’ demise by including every possible mispelling on their website (thus legitimizing typos, bad grammar and so on) to make sure they capture every possible sales lead. 

(Any spelling or grammar errors in this post are intentional and supposed to be funny. I swear.)


3 thoughts on “Linguist vs. grammarian plus SEO

  1. Which raises the question…why do we bother to teach spelling anymore? Shouldn’t the skill being taught be learning to decipher the code in every context?

  2. We’re headed back to Esperanto I guess.

    — Anybody know how to turn off the “possibly related posts” that WordPress is now so generously embedding without my consent?

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