A whole nation of fiscal conservatives

A co-worker and I agreed this week that neither of us knows anyone who *doesn’t* describe himself as “a fiscal conservative”, no matter how liberal his general politics may be.

I would interpret that as a widespread desire among the general populace to stop running a billion-dollar deficit.

Any other interpretations?


5 thoughts on “A whole nation of fiscal conservatives

  1. Well, obviously stop running a deficit, but what gets cut? I think the phrase “fiscally conservative” (who is going to say they are fiscally liberal?) may apply to everyone on the planet, but just like other differences in people, everyone prioritizes everything differently, everyone’s priorities get money thrown at them (who gets what depends on the administration), and here we are.

  2. Right-o. Earlier in my faltering attempt to understand national governance, I made a similar observation to an older colleague, who said something along the lines of “Both parties want to run a deficit; they just don’t agree about what to overspend on”.

    This is why another friend calls b.s. on the whole “fiscal conservative” concept.

  3. while indeed many describe themselves thus, as fiscal conservatives, that is to say the IDEAL OR IDEA OF responsible stewardship of the public financial good, i bet you anything many of these same persons are NOT fiscally conservative with their OWN dollars. Thus, the issue is not one of who is what, but rather who is what, in what context. it is tempting to live in the imaginal realm, but somebody has to pay the piper and most live for today not tomorrow. that is just the reality of the temptation of cathectic gratification, oral, and gastric, and visual, and aural.

  4. Maybe there’s another aspect of being a fiscal conservative; ie, the left tends to be more willing to tax more so the government can do more. The right doesn’t have so much faith in gov’t.

    Blunderprone: Well, it’s not oil.

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