Crabbing, cooking, and search engine optimization. What do they have in common?

The crab boats in the Bering Sea frequently work 12, 18, 24-hour shifts. Hard, dangerous, physical tasks that slowly reduce the deckhands to robotic workers. They call it grinding. Pot after pot after pot.

Catering a large meal or working a long shift, line chefs similarly speak of grinding. The same dishes churned out plate after plate after plate.

Search engine optimization is white-collar grinding. After the consultants have gone and the endless parade of SEO expert bloggers have turned in for the night, somebody has to sit hour after hour, writing headlines, building links, doing the actual work. It’s monotonous and repetitive and it turns out I have the right form of OCD or ADD or whatever it takes, because I actually like it. (Tho having a glass of wine nearby doesn’t hurt.)


8 thoughts on “Grinding

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  2. I guess I have to keep my unpleasant notes here.


    (Yes, I know I’m shouting.)

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