Canadian Imperialism, or, No Let’s Go REALLY Far North

You might recall this post about jetting along the Trans-Taiga Highway in our Unimog. (Of course you remember.) The Trans-Taiga is a gravel road amazingly far north in Quebec. It’s mostly there for Hydro-Quebec workers, many of whom are from the Cree Nation, and who got jobs when the utility company created a project to dam and divert all the major rivers in that remote area. That project was started in the 70s, leading to several decades of lawsuits by the Cree, settled in 2002 with an agreement that pays the Cree Nation many many millions of dollars.

Seems the relations of the Cree and the Canadian government are strained at times. Although I bet money makes it all better.

It also seems that, no matter how scary the travel advisories may be for the Trans-Taiga, it’s not all that far north. And the people who live further up in Nunavut have an even more strained relationship with Canada, of which some do not consider themselves a part. (Hence the Prime Minister’s 2007 trip “to promote Canadian sovereignty in the North”, according to Wikipedia.)

See this map of the Trans-Taiga

Now look at Grise Fiord

I don’t think we’re in Canada any more….