Top Chef 4: Richard wins (EDIT: OOPS)

Okay, let’s just state the obvious. Richard is the heavy favorite, Dale might be able to hang with him, and the dark horse is probably Stephanie. Barring a fish-scaling accident, Richard wins.

A few weeks ago, Andrew scared me. But he grew on me enormously. Great television, immensely entertaining commentary. When they do the movie version I think his part will be played by Steve Buscemi (on serious uppers).


5 thoughts on “Top Chef 4: Richard wins (EDIT: OOPS)

  1. thanks for the heads up. missed this… where i live, this channel is WAY down the cabelProvidor lineup, but recusitated thus now. wonderful to reconnect with this show, thanks to you. dk

  2. Andrew seriously scares me. To the point where if there were an unlocked door between me and him, I would not sleep. I agree that without some catastrophe, Blaise will take it all, which I am completely fine with… the last two winners have disgusted me. I would be equally happy to see Stephanie pull a win.

  3. i like andrew a lot, hilarious guy, great personality. dale can cook, but appears to be still a bit immature, not confident in himself enough to trust others. blaise, however, has the personality, the creativity, and can cook like a mofo. i can’t believe anyone of those folks can beat him. antnoia surprised me a bit, she is a pretty damn good cook, but she is no top chef.

  4. CL – you know Nikki was no Top Chef either but it seemed extra clear to me that if you went to her restaurant and ate the dishes she likes to prepare, you’d have a fantastic meal.

    Me – I like Stephanie and she seems very talented but I think Richardo is on a different level. (As if you could really tell by watching heavily edited television…)

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