Do not be deceived

Some people will tell you that you eat grits with maple syrup.

Some will serve you “sausage gravy” that is pure milky white like Elmers and stands up like spackle.

Some will offer you hush puppies that are rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

These are people who have never been south of Maryland and know no more about what they’re serving you than they know about advanced biopharmacology. Dropped into the South they would starve to death as quickly and surely as if they were wandering the Gobi desert in Jimmy Choos.


8 thoughts on “Do not be deceived

  1. reminds me of people who put butter and/or sugar on their rice. but then again, i have asian sensibilities towards rice.

  2. I didn’t even know people did those things. They must have those brains whose electrical signals to the mouth carry protest placards and chant “If it’s not sweet, we don’t eat.”

    There may be a loophole for eating sugar on rice, which sounds completely foul by the way. If you roll your own sweet and sour sauce (my recipe is half brown sugar), it could be done that way. Still on odd combo without meat or veggies though.

  3. Well, sugar on rice is not exactly common, but I do love rice pudding……and that is sugar on rice….does that not count? Am I one of “those” people?

  4. OK, we *real* New Englanders put vinegar on french fries, have cream and sugar in our “regular” coffee (from Dunkin’ Donuts, of course), and drink a can of tonic with our roast beef on a bulky roll.

  5. To add to Matt’s comments… And we put mayo on our baked beans…( as my kids say ” don’t Yuck my Yum!” ) but that’s more french canadian than New england… but then again… I’m originally from the far north of New England,a country with its own dialect called Maine.

    Ayup, I Know…” That explains it” is what you are all saying.

  6. me – no, you are not. rice pudding is rice pudding, and should be enjoyed whenever possible. butter and sugar on rice as a side to the meal, or an integral part of a meal, while i admit is super tasty, is just wrong…

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