Discovery Channel is off the poop list

I was rather miffed by the apparent bot-marketing comments posted by ‘DiscoveryChannel’ on my quasi-Deadliest-Catch-related post titled Grinding. So, I posted an unpleasant response in the comments and also sent an unpleasant email to some obscure address (info @ whatever) I dredged up on the Discovery Channel site.

Assumed I was ranting into the wind and hearing only echoes. To my surprise, I got a nice human email response from the VP of digital media marketing at Discovery Channel. The comment wasn’t bot-generated, although she readily acknowledged that it did look that way.

So, kudos to them. They’ll figure out how to better interact with blogs and bloggers just like I’m figuring it out in my day job. A personal email when you’ve messed up is certainly a huge step in the right direction. (On a tiny scale, reminiscent of the Monroi fiasco and the kind of stuff David Churbuck and Rob O’Regan blog about all the time, so head over there if you want to see more examples, good and bad, of companies looking for their footing online.)