Alabama Eez

When they were kids my mom and her sister created their own secret code language. Spoken rapidly, it’s tough to follow unless you have a lot of practice.

Theeezis eezis eezan eezexeezampeezle eezof theezee Eezaleezabeezameeza Eezeez.

My daughter is very into it and of course now speaks it way too fast for anyone to understand. I figure it’s gotta be good for her brain, even if it makes my head hurt.


6 thoughts on “Alabama Eez

  1. Thus, using dual encryption, Alabama- Eez first, then Ubbi Dubbi, your example sentence becomes:

    Thubeeezubis ubeezubis ubeezuban ubeezexubeezubampubeezuble ubeezubof thubeezubee Ubeezubalubeezubabubeezubamubeezuba Ubeezubeez.

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