Top Chef 4: Spiked

‘K, one of the two weakest competitors is gone. This is not to say Spike can’t cook, and he certainly can cut up a dead cow, but he seemed to be relying more on guile than skill in the past few weeks.

Speaking of dead meat, Lisa is next barring a miracle. Seven times on the chopping block? Wow.

Stephanie is wonderful and yet irritating because she seems so effortless. Odds are that three women are going to the final only to be beaten by Richard, but maybe just maybe Stephanie will come out on top.

I have been eating less red meat lately but now I want a dry-aged steak.

It irritates me that I am so interested in a TV show.


9 thoughts on “Top Chef 4: Spiked


    i just have spent three hours avoiding the Bravo website and thought, “oh i know, i’ll look at my blog!’ and then i tag surfed and found YOU.

    okay but seriously, i don’t even care because i’m so thrilled spike is gone and i could not agree with you more about Lisa.

    i wouldn’t mind to see Richard win at all — he is my vote for fan fave. this is, i swear it, the first show for which i’ve ever voted for a cast member. but i really like him. i also adore stephanie and antonia, though i’m torn about who i want in the final two with Richard.

    Richard will clearly make it.

    well, at least i can go and look up the beet and goat cheese recipe from the restaurant wars episode safely now.

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  3. Hi – thanks for dropping by. Sorry to spoil the surprise, but at least you didn’t stumble across my “Richard Wins” post, giving away the end of the entire season :)

  4. I agree that Spike may have not been doing his best the last few weeks, but honestly, I cannot remember the last dish of Lisa’s that I would be willing to try. And she always looks so pissed off….

    I’ll be completely satisfied with any winner once Lisa is gone. I love Stephanie’s skill, everything about Richard, and I love Antonia’s style.

  5. Hullo Me :)

    Antonia doesn’t seem to get nervous about anything (except Sam). Which is cool.

  6. i wasn’t surprised spike got the boot. i want to like lisa, but she seems like such a negetive, grumpy person, and she hasn’t done anything that great. i was surprised dale got the boot, i thought he’s make it to the top three before getting the boot.

  7. oh, and i don’t care much for tv, i don’t watch it habitually, but i LOVE top chef and will stay up late to see what happens, and i watch the reruns, over and over. nothing wrong with having a guilty pleasure, don’t let it bother you, embrace it and enjoy it…

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