The Chinese workplace zodiac

Rat   Ambitious, likeable, you find it difficult to stay in one place for more than a year. Choose the Hare; avoid the Pig.

Hare  You have a lot of ideas and a great enthusiasm for letting others do the actual work. You love the Pig and Rat but fear the Ram.

Ram  You’re sincere and honest and hardworking. So why must you always lead with your horns and incredibly hard head? Choose the Rat or Monkey; avoid the Hare.

Monkey   Greatly entertaining and clever, though a little jumpy. You have the best-decorated cubicle. The Pig can talk you off the ledge; the Ox bores you to tears. 

Ox   Patient, diligent and loyal. Empires are built on your back; you get paid minimum wage. Thanks!

Snake   Bright and beautiful, you specialize in undermining others through comments that are just indirect enough so that if confronted, you can insist that “oh that’s not what I meant at all”. You like the Ox.

Pig   Happy to root in mud all day, you know your place in the world. Choose the Monkey; you have the unique ability to cooperate with the Snake for long periods of time but if unduly provoked you eventually rise up and give it the trampling of a lifetime, which makes all the other animals very very happy.


One thought on “The Chinese workplace zodiac

  1. wow, i’m a monkey in the chinese zodiac, and when i worked in a cubicle, i honestly did have the best decorated (blinged out like a pimpmobile) cubicle. it’s a rather accurate description of me….

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