Two birds, one rock

Good Chinese food AND capsaicin overload all in one shot: 

Lunch Special #5 at the Sichuan Gourmet, Smokey Chicken with Cayenne.

Possibly the hottest thing I have ever *enjoyed* eating.


2 thoughts on “Two birds, one rock

  1. Congratulations. The second and possibly final step on your hot food journey: the Atomic wings at Wing Stop.

    (And have you had the “Fire” sauce at Taco Bell? They might as well print “Mild” for all the punch it kicks.)

  2. Hey Egg – sorry, you were snagged by my spam filter. Strange.

    Yes, the fire sauce and I, we are acquainted. What was their old slogan again – Taco Bell, Runs at the Border? (heh.)

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