Endgames are a thundering nuisance

 After various positional misadventures in a Sveshnikov Sicilian, we’ve arrived at this endgame. Both pawns are poisoned, and my opponent, whose flag was hanging, took one: 40…Rxa3 41.Bc4 and white wins. Same deal after 40…Bxd5: 41.Bc4 1-0.

I spent the morning commute wondering about the position after 40…Ra2 41.Rxa2 Bxa2 42.Bc6 Bc4, and also about the rook endgame that could’ve arisen a few moves earlier. With this pawn structure I think the bishop endgame is drawn with care and the rook endgame much better for Black. I’m usually wrong…


8 thoughts on “Endgames are a thundering nuisance

  1. Nice tactic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Sveshnikov where White has back rank possibilities (because Black’s f and/or g pawns are usually off their original squares before the middle game). Glad it worked out that way.

  2. Rook endgame should be a draw as long as white can swap a3 and d5 pawns for the one on d6. Bishop endgame is better for white – a passer might be too much for black to deal with, although he has good defensive resources.

    Note to self: Derek is playing early Nd5 in Sveshnikov. I might want to take advantage of that when we are playing next time…

  3. As if I would let you play the Sveshnikov against me. :)

    (… as if it matters what I let you play …)

    Thanks – I see your point on the rook endgame (and even know how to set up the three white pawns!). I should study the bishops. Really interesting.

  4. Cor. Is that you in the photo?

    If so, you’d better watch out: I’m rapidly closing the gap in number of grey hairs.

    Note: insufficient skill to add more insight into the endgame. Besides the double poison pawns are pretty.

  5. OT: That new masthead is a little disturbing… It makes me think there’s a giant Derek outside my office window in a destructive quest for Hormel Chili.


    P.S. Another draw with the O’Kelly Sicilian for me this week…

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