It’s a Hopi word that means ‘life out of balance’ – and the name of a movie famously scored by Philip Glass, which is the reason I know the word (although I needed a lot of help with the spelling).

Last night I went back to the chessboard, urged by my wife with some gentle expression along the lines of “It’ll be better for all of us if you have something vaguely resembling a balanced life.” Although I’ve noted it’s quite a treat to spend seven nights a week tagging and optimizing old web content, apparently it was making Jack a very dull boy indeed.

While I got lucky and snookered my young 1800-rated opponent right at time control, I will post more about the game later under the heading “Endgames are a thundering nuisance”.




2 thoughts on “Koyanisqqatsi

  1. Your wife TOLD you to get out of the house and go play chess???

    Wow. Either she can’t stand you, or she really loves you.

    I suspect both. :)

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