Top Chef 4: I flew to Puerto Rico and all I got was this t-shirt

Afterwards we were trying to remember any candidate as consistently unsuccessful as Lisa who nevertheless advanced deep in the competition.


Although Antonia going home at this juncture reminds me that it was a bit of a shock when Dave went to Vegas and Lee Anne was sent packing. And of course Sam and/or Cliff should arguably have won the whole enchilada.


4 thoughts on “Top Chef 4: I flew to Puerto Rico and all I got was this t-shirt

  1. Agreed. 100%. They love to throw a shocker in there, and when it came time to narrow them down they were left with Lisa. I have to imagine that, judging by her demeanor, her food is incredibly bitter for no reason.

  2. Who knows? Maybe they intentionally made Lisa appear worse than she was on purpose? The Chicago restaurant owner loved her peanut butter potatoes. Maybe they kept her for the visceral reaction she creates in others.

    Same with Sam and Cliff. The only thing we really knew about them was that they were the best looking contestants, the female fan favorites, beyond that we can’t really trust that the truth is being served up on To Chef.

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