Top Chef 4 Finale: Stephanie

and I’m okay with that.

Lisa kinda scared us. As the decision loomed I started to wonder whether a Lisa win (after six times on the chopping block and twice as many unpleasant expressions) would help next season’s ratings or hurt them.

Richard, you can cook for us any time (please!).


3 thoughts on “Top Chef 4 Finale: Stephanie

  1. I was rooting for Stephanie, though I like Richard’s mad scientist approach. It sunk him, but it was fun to watch, and he was a man about it at judges’ table. I hear liquid nitrogen keeps your cereal crunchy. :-)

  2. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!! she was a really solid chef from the beginning, but richard, to me, still had more creative flair and better technique. he showed eric rippert something new! and he made bacon ice cream. mmmmm, BACON ICECREAM! i have no idea how lisa made it that far, antonia was a better chef than lisa, and had a much better attitude. i’m sure not winning didn’t hurt richard’s career in the least.

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