Apologies for the hyperaggressive spam filter

I just found innocuous comments from Howard Goldowsky and a couple from Liquid Egg Product languishing in the filter.

Without Akismet I don’t see how you could blog – I get thousands of spam comments. But it’s a little persnickety from time to time.


5 thoughts on “Apologies for the hyperaggressive spam filter

  1. Which comments were those?

    BTW, after reading more Pinker, I’ve noticed a few possible links between language development and chess skill. In How the Mind Works, Pinker describes how the mind generates language recursively, i.e.: The boy ate; The man saw the boy eat; The boy saw the man see the boy eat, etc. This seems, to me, similar to the way we think about chess positions using “chunks.” In language, we can combine “chunks” of recursive thoughts, and each chunk is either the subject (does the acting), an action (the verb phrase) or the object (what gets acted upon). When we analyze a chess position, “chunks” are behaving in a similar fashion: some pieces (or combinations of pieces) move, some get captured or affected by the move, etc. Like we can combine words in an infinite variety of ways, we can combine “chunks” of pieces in an infinite variety of ways.

    Howard Goldowsky

  2. Hm. Without any time to think about it :) I’m a little torn about the recursion idea. I could imagine errors based on thinking of the opponent’s pieces as “getting acted upon” – such that you overlook their dynamic possibilities. Almost every piece in chess is both subject and object. (But that’s why we love pins and blockades!)

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