Last night the Lakers got the worst beating in NBA finals history AND at the same time I was playing the most atrocious game of chess ever.

Coincidence? I think not.

Now the Egg will probably pipe up here and say, But the result was a draw against an estimable 2150-rated player.

And I will say, Yes, he let me off the hook with a few not-good moves of his own.

Taken together it truly was a festival of rotten putrescence.

Must not get discouraged must not get discouraged must not get discouraged.  The Lakers don’t get relegated to the CBA, and I get to try again next week too.


4 thoughts on “Stinkronicity

  1. I was at the club getting beat with an ugly stick. So I saw nothing.

    In fact, I sat out the entire season. The NBA doesn’t interest me much anyway, but to my credit, I was a complete skeptic about this whole “big three” thing. Ray Allen has bum knees, etc.

  2. I admit to being a fair-weather fan for the Celtics. The Red Sox however have rewarded me greatly after a lifetime (literally, I actually remember watching the 1967 World Series; I was three) of pain and woe. The Patriots have always been on my radar too. Years of Plunkett, Grogan, Eason, and Bledsoe are wiped clean by the glory of the Brady era.

    The Bruins still suck though…


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