Some important noncelebrity endorsements

I have not been paid to tell you:

Spoon (don’t you evah) and Puddle of Mudd (maybe I’m the one who is a schizophrenic psycho, yeah) are getting me through the workweek.

Kung Fu Panda is an absolute howl. Particularly a must-see for Donnie and Chessloser, my fellow bad kungfu movie aficianados. (Donnie – borrow somebody’s kid so you won’t look like a dork.)

I also like Levis, I drive a ’99 Camry, I will make almost any excuse to eat at Anneka Jan’s in Kittery Maine and I heartily recommend the ancient Jerger analog chess clock (“genau! gerauscharm!”), which you can probably scare up on eBay.

Now if Shaquille and Michael Jordan appeared on television to tell you this, you’d jump right up and head for iTunes and/or the movies and/or Kittery and/or eBay. Even though their endorsements are compensated. THEY WERE PAID TO SAY STUFF TO SELL YOU THE UNDERWEAR OR SNEAKERS OR WHATEVER. Why does this work? What is wrong with you people? It’s ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “Some important noncelebrity endorsements

  1. Righteous.

    And you are right about Kung Fu Panda. I quoted it this week, not well, but the essence of seizing the day you have. Great.

  2. i’ve been totally digging that puddle of mudd song, haven’t heard the spoon but will youtube it, thanks for the heads up. and i was on the fence about kung fu panda, but i cannot ignore your endorsement.

  3. MG – Agreed

    CL – it’s an animated homage to Snake in Eagle’s Shadow, Drunken Master etc. Pure silliness.

    On the way out of the theater, we were intercepted by a movie critic who said “my editors are less interested in my opinion than in hers”, meaning my daughter, who raised her arms triumphantly and rated it “awesome!”. Interesting to stand on that side of the microphone for a minute.

  4. Borrowing someone’s kid to hide dorkiness would be equivalent to giving a woman in labor half an Advil.

    Celebrity endorsements have their place. Thanks to Shaq’s horse jockey commercial, I’m now convinced Vitamin Water is more than sugar-water containing some chemicals resembling natural nutrients.

  5. I’ll probably wait until it comes out on DVD so that I can watch it in the privacy of my own home, and not be surrounded by hoardes of little kiddies. Though maybe I should go see it before I do my next Tae Kwon Do belt promotion. I know, completely different, but still a martial art. :-)

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