Dear Mr. Crabby Old Chessplayer 1

Dear Mr. Crabby Old Chessplayer,

I am 28 years old and have been playing chess for most of my life. I am rated 1437. I like gambits [attachment deleted: Sack-tacular_BDG.pgn] and I study openings for about an hour a day. Do you have any advice to help me get better?


George in Georgia

George: No. You’re stuck and you’re going to stay stuck like the rest of us. I looked at the first twelve moves of your game and then I had to stop because of reflux. If I can’t convince you that playing tennis will give you a few extra years before your first coronary, at least let go of the BDG already and try playing chess instead. You know, good moves, that kind of stuff. You won’t succeed but you’ll gain a little respect from B-players. For what that’s worth.


5 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Crabby Old Chessplayer 1

  1. George in Georgia,

    Don’t listen to MCOCP! You go right on doing what you’re doing.


    P.S. Are you playing in the World Open? What section? I’ll be sure to enter if you are.


  2. Matt – thanks for providing balance.

    I am no more responsible for what the Crabby dude says than Donnie is for the Mascot.

    – As an aside, anybody else wonder how “ Bradford Davis, four-year-old drummer” could possibly be a related post?

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