Competitive grocery bagging: a huge letdown

Thought I had stumbled upon the next Rock Paper Scissors – an activity everyone knows with a little-known ferocious competitive subculture. “They put one hand in the bag and use the other hand to flip stuff in,” said my bagger, miming what looked like a torrent, a streak, a rainbow of canned goods flying over the lip of the bag.

So cool, I thought. 

But then I looked on YouTube and from the clips I could find,  it’s actually pretty boring. (Imagine!) No flying groceries. I think this could be taken to a much higher level. Perhaps we’ve only scratched the surface of competitive grocery bagging.


2 thoughts on “Competitive grocery bagging: a huge letdown

  1. The Curious George episode where George has to sub for the small local grocery’s bagger (sprained wrist puts him on the DL) against MegaStore’s guy is a hoot–much more entertaining than those boring YouTubes.

    It’s the canned ham that separates the GMs from the 2200s.

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