Michael Hedges

That one’s with Leo Kottke.

And that one showcases Hedges’ Harp Guitar. Hedges often sounds like several people playing at once – in part because he could play one line with his right hand on the ‘harp’ side and another by hammering the guitar strings with his left.

His introduction to the latter song is particularly poignant as Hedges died in one-car crash on an isolated road in 1997, in his early 40s.


2 thoughts on “Michael Hedges

  1. Thanks for sharing that. I went to teh dangerous curves exhibit twice when it was at the Boston MFA. They had a couple of Harp quitars by gibson. It was a very impressive guitar to see in person. I think they even had a video of either Nils Lofgren or Todd Rungren playing it… I can’t recall which.

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