Movies 1: Ordinals at the multiplex

The First Wives Club. “Don’t get mad. Get everything.”

The Second Chance.  “Same faith. Same city. Different worlds.”

The Third Man. (No taglines in 1949 I guess.)

The Fourth Protocol. “If the Fourth Protocol is ever breached, there would be no warning, just a nuclear explosion from a bedsitter…The unthinkable has just begun…” (Those pithy Brits. – What’s a bedsitter?)

The Fifth Element. “It Mu5t Be Found.”  (sic.)

The Sixth Sense. “Not every gift is a blessing.”  (Also considered, but rejected for some reason: “Psst, Bruce Willis is dead.”)

The Seventh Sign. “The seals have been broken. The prophecies have begun. Now only one woman can halt the end of our world.” (Insert topical Hillary joke here.)

The Eighth Plane. “Finding God just got dangerous…”

The Ninth Gate. “Every book has a life of its own…”

The Tenth Man. (Did Graham Greene skip Men Four through Nine, or did those books just not get optioned?)

Common themes: Faith, espionage, Bruce and Demi, ellipses.


6 thoughts on “Movies 1: Ordinals at the multiplex

  1. The Eleventh Hour (2008) “When terror strikes at home, blood will be shed abroad.” (no idea…)

    Twelfth Night: Or What You Will (1996) “Never send a boy to do a man’s job, especially if he’s a girl.”

    The Thirteenth Warrior “Fear reigns”

    The Fourteenth Man (1920) (None.)

    The Fifteenth (2006) “From Tragedy to Triumph: The Howard Winstone Story ”

    … fun with

  2. …should have kept going!

    Shestnadtsataya vesna (1962 – Soviet Union) (The Sixteenth Spring)

    Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (1959)

    The Eighteenth Angel (1998) “The Crow Flies, The Clock Strikes And the Devil is Due.” (nice tagline!)

    Juku no haru (1933) (a.k.a. Nineteenth Spring)

    Aghaye gharne bistom (1964, Iran) (a.k.a. Mr. twentieth Century)

  3. Hmm… of the ones I know, I’d have to say “First Wives Club.”

    “The Third Man” is probably the best. Excellent film.


  4. Godzilla: Size Does Matter (utter crap of a movie, though).

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

    Blues Brothers: They’ll never get caught. They’re on a mission from God. (one of my faves)

    Con Air: One wrong flight can ruin your whole day (aka: Put the bunny back in the box)

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