Movies 2: Zoology on Sci-Fi

Seems like every other night the sci-fi channel is showing another string of animal-eating-people movies.

You picture three producers sitting in a room scratching their heads, methodically plowing through eNature, Hilaire Belloc and the D&D Monster Manual at this point. “What haven’t we made yet … Are there any faintly scary animals left? Maybe Leeches? (Forget it.) Ah! Frankenfish! Yes!”


2 thoughts on “Movies 2: Zoology on Sci-Fi

  1. Re: Boa vs Python. Any movie title with a “versus” in it is a red flag for quality. Kung Fu vs Yoga. Alien vs. Predator. That sort of thing.

    While not strictly in the zoology department, your post reminds me of The Stuff: a mind-controlling parasite disguised as ice cream. “Are you eating it…or is it eating you?”

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