How to kill a porcupine

If you’re a fisher, i.e. a North American Marten, i.e. a mustelid relative of the weasel (and the mink and the ermine and the stoat and other cute animals) – you hop over the porcupine a whole bunch of times, causing it to spin around again and again until it becomes woozy. Then you claw its face until it bleeds out. Then you flip it over and eat it. (Not so cute after all.)

Curiously, fishers don’t eat fish.


6 thoughts on “How to kill a porcupine

  1. sounds like the description of a woman. cute and non-threatening, but she confuses you, then claws you, bleeds you out, then rips out your guts….

  2. A country song in the making. “You Were the Fisher Cat (and My Quills Let Me Down)”

    (I haven’t heard the song and don’t plan to, but Brad Paisley’s “I’d Like to Check You for Ticks” is a hilarious title.)

  3. Fishers are the meanest, most vicious little buggers in the world (except for wolverines, perhaps). I think their attitude is precisely the one needed during a tournament chess game.

  4. I’ve got the furry part down! I have to work on the mean part… cuteness is a LONG way off… but overall i could adapt to this type of “fisher” style of chess… since I can’t play like BF.

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