Neurobic of the day: Fix stuff

I can write and edit and come up with creative Web publishing ideas. I can play chess okay. (This part of the post brought to you by the previous post.)

Something I can’t do is fix mechanical stuff. Very little idea about how things work. Today I swapped out two bad headlight bulbs and a blown car fuse. This is cause for wild celebration in my household. It goes on my very short list of ‘fixit’ achievements along with swapping electrical outlets (I’ll save the how-I-electrocuted-myself story for another time) and replacing a wax ring. You know what that is, right? Eww.

But it’s all good. Another stretch for the brain, like playing double-queen-pawn and brushing your teeth left-handed.

For you engineering types, I guess the converse neurobic is something like writing a poem replicating Gerard Manley Hopkins’ sprung rhythm.