Protecting Joe’s Office

Very cool, if I may say so.

Protecting Joe's Office
Protecting Joe's Office


Joe has a billion-dollar secret. How can he keep it safe from thieves, turncoats and spies?


7 thoughts on “Protecting Joe’s Office

  1. Joe is, in fact, Col. Sanders and the secret is that blend of herbs and spices… or maybe it was the formula for Coke, I can’t remember.


  2. none of those things can stop someone from targeting one of joe’s underlings who has placement and access to joe’s goods and a weakness that can be exploited. a secretary who feels underpaid and under appreciated, a manager with a gambling/drug/hooker problem, etc. physical security is nice, but it can’t stop a human’s foibles. the kids call it espionage.

  3. Or, more “buzzwordy”; ‘Social Engineering’

    BIG, big problem. …someone on the phone doing a reasonable imitation of Joe’s voice calling a late night techie; “I’m the President of the goddamn company! I don’t care what the procedures are, give me that damn password, NOW!” It happens.

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