How far away is 2200?

2200 is the New World and I’m in Egypt on a reed boat in hurricane season. With a paddle made from Rice Krispies and a sail of pig iron.

I’ve got a circa 1902 Georges Mieles spaceship, and 2200 is Neptune.

2200 is the Best Actress Oscar and I’m Claudia Jennings.


8 thoughts on “How far away is 2200?

  1. 2200 is also 69,915 days away. Would you like that in seconds? At least you have a “future” rating. My rating is still in the dark ages and boasts the invention of the piano!

  2. :) all.

    Hey! A Greg K sighting!

    I had to look up John W. Young. (Part of the point of Reassembler is that it’s no fun unless you have to look stuff up. So well done.)

  3. After the MCC Independence Day Swiss, 2200 is 90 Elo points away, mere double digits. Why so pessimistic? Even at 1/4 Elo point per day, that’s only a year. Sometimes for motivation I randomly scan the FIDE Web site, the TWIC site, or scan the list of names of strong players at the ICC or — so many players. If all those goof balls can make master, then why not I? Shoot for 2300; 2200 will be cake. –Howard

  4. Anatoly Karpov actually had a tough time breaking the 2200 barrier for a while.

    He actually attributed the breakthrough to a change of diet. He started eating mushrooms 3 times a day. After that, it was all gravy.

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