Gettin’ it on

In the morning I get up and get my coffee on. Then I get my commute on so I can go get my work on. Often I get some lunch on, and later after I get my house on I definitely get my dinner on, maybe getting my grill on in the process. Then I usually get my email on and sporadically my blog too before getting my sleep on.

Remember back in the old days when you just got up, went to work, came home and went to bed?

This is SO much more fun.


9 thoughts on “Gettin’ it on

  1. Tonight? I get my chess on! I am going to play in the open section…so Beware Derek… I’ve got your number! Perhpas I’ll do Like Schlechter did to Pillsbury at Hastings 1895? ( But hopefully not like what he did with Lasker in 1910)

  2. Blunder – I tremble. I recall vividly your Sherman’s March through the open section a summer ago (or two), Curdo on the ropes, etc.

    If you try to go all Zukertort on my Alekhine I may have to bring my Cindy Lou Hoo talisman.

    CL – I don’t know whether people still get their ‘all about’ on.

  3. my path went through:
    1. the nascent DaVinci-Wittgenstein-Husserl photographic mind stage
    2. the asian studies-zen-martial arts phase, cum Da Free Love Adasima or Buba Free John in the ‘No Remedy Training School’. :)
    3. then study with a very advanced Gurdjieff teacher, who knew Madam Oupspensky, the wife of his Russian Student.
    4. then rebirthing and breathwork
    5. then cognitive ‘normal therapy’
    6. then gestalt therapy with a hip Jungian therapist enured of Group Work, World Work, and Kanzen or continuous business improvment.
    7. then Kashmir Shavism throught Swami Chetanananda of Portland, who studied with First Rudi or Swami Rudrananda (first ‘real’ American Guru), who studied with Muktananda and Nityananda
    8. Morgan Stanley combined with the guru Joy who lived with the Tibetan Lamas after eight years with Maharishi AND the UFO Abductions. No joking.
    9. Alcohol, running, and weightlifting plus extensive circuit training and Mountaineering training on Snow and Ice.
    10. Nutrition, Homeopathy, genetic testing and alergy testing, fine cooking extensively furthered in low fat, gluten free-lactose free (‘dairy free’) AND working retail meeting 1,000 persons per week for six years AND extensive chessBase9.
    11. Practice of being a leader and mentor and guide. Senior person on earth in spiritual things, that is to say not that i ‘know’ but know how lost we all are.

    sorry for being so superficial, this is not all of it, but enough i suppose.


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