Tagine 1

Did a somewhat lame version of Ray’s suggestion in the first Tagine post: chicken thighs (bone in, skin on), carrots, potatoes, onions.

Somewhat lame because 1) I wanted to keep it simple & see how the vegetables would come out and 2) I added too much chicken stock, making it unduly soupy and 3) I underseasoned it.

Still fabulous. The chicken comes out ridiculously tender. Next time we’ll reduce the stock and add more spice and more flavorful stuff like olives, apricots, and/or preserved lemons, since I have those underway in the fridge.

The drawback is that the tagine isn’t really all that big. Might try boneless/skinless next time, just for space reasons. (You can cube & brown chicken breast but that seems like a total American Cuisine cop-out somehow.)

But one other cool thing is that the dish and the food stay hot FOREVER. I can see having a couple of friends over, putting the tagine base in the middle of the table and just sitting there picking at it for a leisurely hour. It’s social food.


7 thoughts on “Tagine 1

  1. Wow, by some freaky cosmic coincidence, I recently whipped up a skillet version with drumsticks and thighs. Actually, I’m more of a breast man, but it’s so easy to overcook white meat.

  2. LEP – gracias – Although i just can’t imagine what innuendo you’re reading into it – got some kind of weird issue with skillets? :)

    Ray – it’s funny because throughout the process I kept thinking “wonder if there’s any reason you can’t just do this in a covered pan”.

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