Lights out

Gotta power down Reassembler for the foreseeable future. Various work and personal projects afoot.

Not that this is a forever thing, and also not to get all mushy :) but while I’m thinking of it, many many thanks to all who’ve read and/or commented here. (Yes, sometimes people comment without reading.)

At the usual risk of missing crucial people, I’d particularly like to tip the hat to Matt P, the Egg and his several split personalities, DK Transformation, Chessloser, Blunderprone as folks who wandered in early and have left all kinds of interesting footprints over time. And the kind souls who put Reassembler on your blogrolls and/or linked in.

It would be no fun blogging in a vacuum, and you guys don’t suck. (Get it? Vacuum? Suck? Heh. Oh, never mind.)


9 thoughts on “Lights out

  1. Boo!

    You mean I have to actually *do work* instead of reading Reassembler???


    I’ll see you around, I hope(?)


  2. I hope to see you at teh club at least. I was hoping to pretend to kick your butt playing in your section. You will be missed in these virtual parts. ” My second life is real”


  3. aww dude, really?
    well if your work is quite important
    I fully understand [although begrudgingly]

    I shall keep checking the blog surfer
    to see if you appear, one day in the
    not too distant future


  4. derek: who needed late night television, when we had you? of all persons, i truly understand what you mean about being busy (chess, cooking-nutrition, quantitative investing, job in ‘workworld’) … i know youll be back, and always as good and quite often even better, hard as it is to envision. kindest regards, dk

  5. Oh, and several split personalities? Thanks for exaggerating; there’s only two (and even then, Mr. E is a recent addition).

    Anyway, good luck on your projects and work; check in once a month to let us know how you’re doing!

  6. best of luck for your future. when you’re done with your projects and work, do drop a note to let us know you’re still alive and kicking. :)

    till then, cheers and take care

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