“If martial arts is preparation for the fight, Parkour is preparation for the flight.” – David Belle



6 thoughts on “Parkour

  1. ready to die?

    ‘there are many bold climbers, but not many old, bold climbers’.

    i have hired serious alpine guides, for private training, and this is bad. one false move? a lot like those guys doing 300 km per hour on a motorcycle. all it takes is one tiny error, and decimation. what, for ego? not worth it.

    but, grant you, this mans skills are supurb.

    warmest, dk

  2. [BTW … to then kind reader who wanted to throw sand on me on the investment subject, i am eager to hear how he or she is doing. me? i am now only up 233% in 6.05 years. go figure. i expect it to be 300% in the near term. first short the Nasdaq, and now long silver (that is to say, anti-US Dollar= gold/silver or long euro dollars). bo hiss!]

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