While reassembler was sleeping

And so we become what we hate.

Shortly after I hit Reassembler’s pause button, I played at the New England Open. Performance rating 2199, 2 points out of 5 games in the Open section.

But I soiled myself with moves like this:  Slater – MacIntyre (2325) 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 0-0 5.Nf3 d6 6.Be2 Nbd7 7.0-0 e5 8.dxe5.

After the game I apologized to Paul for playing dxe5. As I explained to Denys Shmelov, it’s not that I’m trying to draw; it’s that after decades of sacrificial nonsense and unwarranted aggression, I’m trying to understand clarity and simplicity (a subject beaten to death already on this blog).

Yes, you've mentioned it before
Yes, you mentioned that before

In this style I drew IM Foygel and NM Hal Terrie, perhaps with a small advantage in each final position.

Still, disgusting.

My only excuse is that I won’t keep doing this forever. In a year or so I have to try to synthesize this stuff with tactical play (right now it seems like I can only toggle from one mode to the other; I overlook incredibly obvious shots when I try to play positionally.)


12 thoughts on “While reassembler was sleeping

  1. If you think that dxe5 merits an apology, I shudder to think of the penance you would recommend for Navan. :)

  2. Oh. While looking at the wall charts:

    Walt Champion: You drew Terrie? You should beat Terrie.
    Me: Really?
    Walt: Yes. … Then again you probably started with the same number of pieces. Did you start with the same number of pieces?
    Me: Yes.
    Walt: Well there’s the problem.

  3. Ha! Walter and I go waaaaay back. My first game with him was in 1981(!!)

    He should talk; I call him the “Petrosian of the MetroWest Chess Club” due to his love of the draw.

    Colle System… Feh!


  4. Derek,

    In Mastering the Endgame, Volume Two, Shereshevsky (your favorite endgame writer) covers the subtleties of the dxe line of the KID, and goes into the positional nuances and endgame details of that move choice. Not that I’ve studied it — I leafed through the pages, once.


  5. Since I don’t play chess I have no freakin idea what yer all talking about. But I love the guy beating a dead horse on your homepage.

  6. Bill,

    Just let the jargon wash over you and wallow in it’s glory. Where else can you read “bad bishop” and “exposed king” in the same sentence and not fear retribution from the vice squad monitoring your network traffic?



  7. Nice gif, nice post. I’m starting to get a life again. I played twice in Sept, hopefully more in Oct. Will be at BU Open. Might even send a few blog comments your way :-)


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