Best show on television

For my money it’s Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC. Hilarious and poignant. In each episode he visits a failing and dysfunctional restaurant, berates the owner, embarrasses the chef, derides the host, throws a hundred f-bombs.  Strangely, the end result is most often a working unit.

I think I’ve seen enough of this and Top Chef to know I don’t want to work in the restaurant business. I just like visiting for dinner.


One thought on “Best show on television

  1. The restaurant business is tough.

    I remember being at a top notch French restaurant in Grand Case (Saint Martin, FWI). We’ve been there on most every annual trip to the island, and knew the wait staff fairly well (one of our party made a decent attempt to speak French so they remembered us). Anyway one time we noticed a new younger lady. She looked a bit frazzled. Next thing we heard a loud crash (I never figured out if it was an accident or intentional) and a medium size wine rack came down (ouch!), screaming on her part ensued, the owner ran out yanked her into the back (screaming turns to muffled voices). Next thing, she storms out throwing her apron on the ground on the way out, cursing in French. Instantly the rest of the staff went into action, and in under three minutes, everything was cleaned up, and the rest of the wait staff (veterans) picked up the slack. By the end of the evening we still had an amazing meal, with amazing service, but the wait staff was drenched and exhausted.

    The restaurant business is tough.

    Anyway – when and where do you watch this show?

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