The trophy wife

Spent an evening (some years ago) with a couple married for more than a decade.

He was smart as a whip, a very successful businessman equally comfortable with operational details or high finance and curious about any other subject you might throw at him.

She was petite, lovely, stylish, and about six beats behind throughout the evening.

You might have been tempted to think, ‘Gee buddy, nice job there, how’s this trophy wife thing working out for ya?’

But in the entire evening he never spoke crossly to her; he explained things or filled in the gaps and made her part of the conversation without the slightest hint of impatience or annoyance.

Love is a funny thing, and beautiful too.


2 thoughts on “The trophy wife

  1. If the female spouse-unit is happy, the male spouse-unit will be very happy. That’s our secret. 25 years next Spring.

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