What happens next?

‘What happens next’ is really a wonderful question. Sometimes you think – hey, nobody’s really good at prognostication. That’s why so many people have lost so much money in the stock market lately. You see publishing companies and newspapers in particular scrambling around, many of them quite idiotically (I did my stint, believe me), trying to recover from what is by now a very late start on figuring out how to use the Web. And so on. The future is hard to predict.

Then again – hey, I put together enough clues to take my 401k OUT of the stock market in October 07. (Thanks again, DK :). Some people actually are decent at prognostication, or at least they can recognize certain indicators a good percentage of the time. You just have to listen to the right people, and ask a lot of questions.

That’s what we’re shooting for in the security field with this series – What Happens Next. I think it’s pretty interesting.


2 thoughts on “What happens next?

  1. What happens next is we recover. We always do, remember the huge Savings-and-Loan meltdown that was supposed to ruin the economy? Or the .com burst, or the ’87 crash, etc. etc.

    I’ve actually increased my 401k contributions because every two weeks my deductions buy more shares than they did before, so when the markets come back (and they ALWAYS do, usually better than pre-crash levels) I’ll be all set. When I get close to retiring, then I’ll pull out of stocks, but that’s like forty years from now :)


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