Top Chef 5: The big question

The big question is NOT “who will win?” That looks to one of the Europeans.

The big question is “Is this interesting?” Or has it jumped the shark, run its course? My former colleague Scott assures me it will get more interesting – it always does, or always has. And since I’m watching it, it can’t be all that dull.

I suspect the main problem is just that there are TOO MANY CHEFS. Too many pretenders who have no shot, too many who haven’t gotten enough screen time to become memorable.

I think the surprise entertainment value this season is going to come from Crazy-Eyez Carla.

I also think that they’re due for a Season Six shakeup, where the contestants have to cook one episode for the Rock of Love, and another catering the 1,200 players at the USATE amateur chess tournament, and another aboard the Bering Sea crab fleet.

Now THAT’S entertainment.


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